The Shropshire Council (Footpath Additions,  Parish of Weston-under-Redcastle) Modification Order 2019

As required by law, I attach notice of the making of the above named modification order as made by Shropshire Council on 26th September 2019.  The order seeks to record two footpaths within the vicinity of Weston Woods.  I also attach a copy of the order and maps.

Details of how to object to the proposals are provided within the notice.  Objections should be made by 8th November 2019.

Please could you arrange for the documents to be made available for the public to view within the area as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please note that the previous Modification Order made by the Council in 2017 proposing to record public bridleways along the same routes has been withdrawn due to an objection to the order and re-examination of the evidence for bridleway rights.

Weston u Redcastle Mod not FP Add
Weston u Redcastle Mod Ord FP Add
Weston Woods - Order Map 1
Weston Woods - Order Map 2

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