Weston PC 0420C – APPROVED MINUTES MINUTES 7th March Safari

Weston under Redcastle PC General Meeting 9th March 2020

The Parish Council is holding a general meeting on Monday 9th March 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall and members of the public are welcome

Weston PC 0520A – Agenda for 9th March 2020


Weston PC 0420A – AGENDA For 7th March Safari Weston under Redcastle Parish Council are holding a Planning Meeting to discuss Application Ref 20/00724/FUL – Siting of 3No Safari Tents and change of land use – Land North of Weston under Redcastle OS Ref 356462-329194 Applicant Mr and Mrs A Whittaker in the Village Hall at 12.00 noon on Saturday 7th March 2020

Members of the public are welcome and may comment

Minutes of Planning Meeting

Minutes of Planning Meeting held 1st Feb 2020 to discuss erection of structure at Parkside – Weston under RedcastleWeston PC 0320C – Minutes APPROVED 1st Feb Parkside Welchl

Planning Meeting - Saturday 1st February 2020

Weston PC 0320 – AGENDA For 1st Feb Parkside WelchlWeston Under Redcastle Parish Council will be holding a Planning Meeting at 11.30am on Saturday 1st Febrauery 2020 to discuss Application Ref 20/00029/FUL – Erection of garden shed, Parkside, Weston under Redcastle, SY4 5UX – Applicant : Mr Michael Welch

Members of the public are welcome

Weston under Redcastle PC General Meeting 17th Jan 2020

The Parish Council is holding a general meeting on Friday 17th Jan 2020 7.30pm at the Village Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend


You are cordially invited to attend the Parish Council meeting on Monday 4th November 2019, 7.30.  Weston under Redcastle Village Hall.

Weston PC – Agenda for 4th Nov 2019

“A Night With The Stars” Concert in St.Luke’s Church 22nd November 2019


The Shropshire Council (Footpath Additions,  Parish of Weston-under-Redcastle) Modification Order 2019

As required by law, I attach notice of the making of the above named modification order as made by Shropshire Council on 26th September 2019.  The order seeks to record two footpaths within the vicinity of Weston Woods.  I also attach a copy of the order and maps.

Details of how to object to the proposals are provided within the notice.  Objections should be made by 8th November 2019.

Please could you arrange for the documents to be made available for the public to view within the area as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please note that the previous Modification Order made by the Council in 2017 proposing to record public bridleways along the same routes has been withdrawn due to an objection to the order and re-examination of the evidence for bridleway rights.

Weston u Redcastle Mod not FP Add
Weston u Redcastle Mod Ord FP Add
Weston Woods - Order Map 1
Weston Woods - Order Map 2


New Planning Applications published on 02/09/2019 relating to parish of: Weston Under Redcastle

Reference:  19/03883/TCA  (validated: 02/09/2019)
Address:  Brook House, Weston Under Redcastle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5UX
Proposal:  To reduce crown by around 50% 1no Weeping Willow (T1) and fell to ground level 2no Leylandii (G1) within Weston Under Redcastle Conservation Area
Applicant: Bartles-Smith (Brook House)

View online at: