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We are required to provide full transparency for all matters managed by the Parish Council, so please find below various headings which explain its roles and responsibilities. Please click on each heading for a full resume:


1. Weston PC Powers

2. Weston Freedom of Information

3. Weston Asset Register

4. Weston Bank Records

5. Weston PC Financial Regulations

6.  Weston PC Asset Register

7. Weston PC End of Yr Bank Rec 2017

8. 2015 Annual Accounts

9. Introduction Guide for Councillors


The Parish Council meets six times a year to discuss Parish matters and to respond to issues from higher local government bodies.

Chaired by Bill Rollo, the council members are:-

Mr John Edwards
Mr Tim Evans
Mr Beverley Griffiths
Mr Keith Sanders
Mr Tim Sargent
Mrs Joan Woolley
Secretary: Mrs Jane Whittaker



Past Minutes

Weston PC AGM Minutes - May 2014

Weston PC Minutes - July 2014

Weston PC Minutes - October 2014

Weston PC Minutes - March 2015

Weston PC Minutes - November 2015

Weston PC Minutes  - January 2016

Weston PC Minutes - March 2016



Weston PC Minutes 9.1.17

Weston PC Minutes 6.3.17

Weston PC Planning Minutes 6.3.17

Weston PC AGM 2.5.17

Weston PC Planning Minutes 2.5.17

Weston PC Minutes 2.5.17

Weston PC Minutes 11.9.17

Weston PC Planning Minutes 11.9.17

Weston PC Planning Minutes 30.9.17

Council Meeting Dates - 2017

The Meeting Dates for 2017 are:

Monday 7th March 7.30 pm

Tuesday 2nd May 7 pm

AGM, Annual Meeting and May Parish Council Meeting

Monday 4th September 7.30 pm

Monday 6th November 7.30 pm