Chairman’s Report 2016

Here follows a brief report covering the main items progressed by the Parish Council in its day to day running and wider issues affecting the Parish it represents:-

The Council

Firstly I would like to thank all the Councillors for their hard work, support and attendance over the past year

Particular thanks to Jane, our Clerk/Secretary, who has had to face an ever increasing volume of paperwork and deal with in her usual fast and efficient manner


Submission of Planning Applications has been relatively low but there is a continued demand for the removal of trees in the area of the village encompassed by the Conservation Area particularly in the area of the Lodge. Many of the trees have out grown their location and have been removed on safety grounds thus exposing parts of historic buildings long hidden by foliage adding to the attraction of the village

Domestic Planning has consisted of a couple of controversial planning applications within the Conservation Area being the extension to the rear of the Grade 11 listed building known as the Old School House and the addition of a second floor to Park View with its subsequent change of cladding material and the addition of solar panels visible from the roadside

Parish Council Finances

The Parish Council is fortunate in that it has no borrowed monies to repay and, therefore, is in a healthy position with a balance in the bank in the region of £3,000.00

Community Matters and Concerns

Traffic Speeds and Volumes through the Village

Vehicle speed through the village continues to be a concern and the Parish Council is fully aware of the situation and is currently investigating alternative methods of speed control within its limited budget

Highway Matters

Generally the service provided by the Highways Department has been good despite the continued Governmental reduction in finance for Highway Maintenance – Pot holes have been repaired, gullies have been emptied and the roads swept.

Parish Plan

Following the recent update of the Parish Plan early indications are that the residents prefer the village to remain as it is with the current Conservation Area boundaries being maintained


High speed broadband has been operating in the village for nearly a year with little or no negative comment

Weston Woods

Since the change of ownership of Weston Woods there has developed a number of issues regarding access to both previously recorded and unrecorded footpaths and bridleways resulting in members of the public making application to Shropshire Council for permanent recorded footpath status – This situation is ongoing

Here concludes the Chairmans Report for the year 2015-16

W Rollo – Chairman

Village Show

The Village Show - 2016

PUBLIC NOTICE re Parish Plan 2016

Public Notice re Parish Plan 001

Hope House Benefits from Carol Singing

Carols on The Green 2015 001

Parish Questionnaire 2016


Please click on the following link to see the Parish Questionnaire.

Hard copies will be circulated throughout the village week commencing mid February 2016. Please return to the Village Hall or on line here by 15th March.

As some of the questions refer to the development boundary and the conservation area, we enclose a map below to show you the properties affected.

Please make sure that you complete the questionnaire and return it by the due date as it is a very important element in determining the future direction of the village. Please also ensure that you quote the questionnaire number shown on the rear of the form

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Development and Conservation Boundaries

Weston PC Dev & Con Boundary

Aston Martin Factory visit

AM.Group. (2)

The Pensioners of Weston (POW s) attended a factory tour of the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon on 6th June.

The 3 hour visit included a tour of the body assembly shop; the trim shop and the final assembly line.

Aston Martin laid on an excellent lunch in the VIP dining room.

Those attending from left to right were:

Brian Dawkes; Bill Slater (guest); Brian Smith; Keith Sanders; Gerry Whitby; David Hiles and our non pensioner Matthew Holloway.